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Q: What types of tanning products do you sell?
A: We offer a variety of tanning products, including tanning sprays, drops, gels, creams and more. Our products cater to all skin types and tones.


Q: How long does it take for the tanning spray to work?
A: The effects of tanning sprays vary based on individual factors like skin type, dosage, and usage frequency. You might start to see a tan after several days of consistent use, but it can take a few weeks for full results to develop.


Q: How long does a tanning spray bottle last?
A: The duration that a 7ml tanning spray bottle lasts depends on several factors, including the dosage per use, the frequency of use, and the efficiency of the spray mechanism. On average, if each spray dispenses about 0.1 ml, you can expect around 70 sprays from a 7ml bottle.

Here's an approximate guide for how long a 7ml bottle could last based on usage patterns:

  • One Spray Per Day: About 70 days.
  • Two Sprays Per Day: About 35 days.
  • Four Sprays Per Day: About 17-18 days.

Keep in mind that these estimates can vary due to differences in spray mechanisms, dosage requirements, and your personal usage pattern.


Q: Can your tanning bed products be used in natural sunlight?
A: Yes, all of our products can also be used in natural sunlight. We'd always recommend to use a separate sunscreen to protect your skin from UV damage in natural sunlight.


Q: How should I store nasal tanning spray?
A: Store the spray in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat. Keep it out of reach of children and pets. Check the product label for specific storage instructions.